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The VEGAS Pool loves working in the Cardano NFT space. We provide technical services to many different projects. This got us thinking! Why dont we give some CNFT's away to our loyal delegators? Many of you will have already received Finger Monsters, JES-ART vouchers for free pulls and VEGAS themed Cards and Cookies!

JesArtLogo (transparent).png

As most of you will already know, my teenage daughter Jessica is she of JES-ART. I provide all her mintng and selling services, i.e. she's the maturing artist whilst i'm the geeky I/T dad. Given this, I've commissioned her to paint a VEGAS Pool collaboration once a month. She's going to paint and produce a regularly piece of artwork and we'll going to give it away to any delegator each month!

Visit her site

  • Who are we?
    A professionally operated Cardano ADA Pool by a veteran I/T Solutions Architect with over 30+ years of experience in I/T.
  • Where are we located?
    The Pool is managed and operated on the South coast of England (near Portsmouth)
  • Why VEGAS?
    The Pool is operated as a partnership between myself and a business partner from Las Vegas!
  • What type of operation do we manage the pool from?
    The Pool is operated on Bare Metal (dedicated) servers hosted from a home office environment, maintaining the ideology of true decentralisation of the blockchain; i.e. avoiding the simple and easy cloud hosting option, owned and managed by large corporations, where many pools exist today. This ensures avoidance of any third party interference, assurance that a large scale outage would not affect our operation and maximisation of profit by reducing overall costs (i.e. we bought our hardware up front rather than paying a monthly fee). We have long term aspirations to migrate into a private hosting provider when the level of your delegation reaches sufficient saturations!


Current CNFT

This is the FIRST EVER free to pull CNFT from the VEGAS & JES-Art collaboration.

This is called "Sign". If you click the picture to the right, you will be shown the 0000 version, which JES-Art always retains. You can have a good look at it there.

The CNFT contains the artwork (in hi-resolution), the sketch and links to the timelapse drawing of the sketch and the painting itself!


We've tagged this as issue 1 and will continue to increase that counter every month.

To obtain one of these, you need to make a Pull request from your VEGAS Pool delegated wallet. Send a payment for exactly 2 ADA to the address below.

Please contact us if you have ANY problems (see twitter or telegram links above)


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