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VEGAS Pool - Proof of Onboarding (PoO)

Welcome to the temporary page in which you can help us test the Proof of Onboarding solution!

Step 1, simply install VESPR

wallet onto your mobile >>>


<<< Step 2, open this pdf and scroll through the 2000

                    and pick one QR or more to scan (others may have already done so!)

Step 3, scan the chosen QR from your VESPR wallet



Failure, someone

already claimed

or you've already          >>>

claimed 5 times

Success, it found and


NOTE: you will NOT

receive the tokens, this

is just a TEST

That concludes the test. I will be able to look at the backend and see the claim details and have the proof.

When the "Test Mode" is disabled, the lovelaces and assets promised to you would be airdropped as soon as possible on the chain.

Thanks for your help! It's really appreciated.

P.S. Please report any issues you encounter. As QR codes get used up, you will find you hit more collisions. As such, I'll reset the test every now and again.

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